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A Powerful Technical Analysis Charting Software featuring popular Indicators, Oscillators, Line Studies and Chart Patterns. Meta-Chart is flexible, very simple to use and feature rich. It is an excellent combination of latest cutting-edge technology and our expertise in the Technical Analysis domain. 

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Meta-Chart® Professional comes with DSS Navigator
Click Here, to know more about DSS Navigator

So, let us have a look at some of the features of this outstanding Software… 

Significant Features

Chart Types 

· Candle

· Bar (OHLC)

· Bar (HLC)

· Line 

Chart Periodicity

· Daily

· Weekly

· Monthly

· Quarterly

· Yearly 

Line Studies

· Trend Line

· Ellipse

· Rectangle

· Fibonacci Retracements

· Fibonacci Arc

· Fibonacci Fan

· Fibonacci Time Zones

· Gann Fan

· Speed Lines

· Tirone Levels

· Quadrant Lines

· Raff Regression

· Standard Error Channels 

Technical Indicators 

· Accumulation Swing Index

· Aroon

· Aroon Index and Oscillator

· Average True Range

· Bollinger Bands

· Chaikin Money Flow

· Chaikin Volatility Oscillator

· Chande Momentum Oscillator

· Commodity Channel Index

· Comparative Relative Strength

· Detrended Price Oscillator

· Directional Movement System

· Ease of Movement

· Fractal Chaos Bands

· Fractal Chaos Oscillator

· High Low Bands

· High Minus Low

· Historical Volatility Index

· Linear Regression


· MACD Histogram

· Mass Index

· Median Price

· Momentum Oscillator

· Money Flow Index

· Moving Average

· Moving Average Envelope

· Negative Volume Index

· On Balance Volume

· Parabolic SAR

· Performance Index

· Positive Volume Index

· Price and Volume Trend

· Price Oscillator

· Price Rate of Change (ROC)

· Prime Numbers Bands

· Prime Numbers Oscillator

· Rainbow Oscillator

· Relative Strength Index (RSI)

· Standard Deviations

· Stochastic Momentum Index

· Stochastic Oscillator

· Swing Index

· Trade Volume Index


· Typical Price

· Ultimate Oscillator

· Vertical Horizontal Filter

· VIDYA Moving Average

· Volume Oscillator

· Volume Rate of Change (ROC)

· Weighted Close

· Welles Welder's Smoothing

· William's %R

· William's Accumulation/Distribution



Operational Features
  • User can open Multiple Securities, at a same time
  • User defined Chart Colours
  • Zoom In/Out/All or selected period options
  • Facility to Export Security Data to CSV file
  • Facility to record Security specific Notes
  • User can Save Chart as BitMap or Print it.
  • Facility to plot Buy/Sell etc. Symbols to Chart
  • Facility to add Text to Chart
  • Resistance / Support Levels with Median, for Next Session
  • Saves Security Analysis Status, automatically

 Additional Features

· Aesthetic User Interface

· Extremely simple to use

· Well-Organized and Easy-To-Use Menu and ToolBar

· Reads MetaStock format Security Data files


In addition to all of its above mentioned exclusive features, Meta-Chart® Professional is now having latest Brand New User Interface, loaded with Drag-Drop Toolbars with full customization, Dockable Sliding Windows and Tearable Menus. It has also come with Keyboard ShortCuts, Chart Templates and Cool Themes. Favorite Securities List is also added to maintain a listing of your selected securities. You may now open Next or Previous security from the selected folder, directly from the Toolbar.

Meta-Chart® Professional comes with DSS Navigator
Click Here, to know more about DSS Navigator
Features, Pricing and Schemes are subject to change, without notice


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